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Puppy Play 101: The Power of Human Puppy Paws

Different gear can always be used to help make you feel more like a pup, one such example are paws!

Human paws are enough. You don't need to spend money or time buying or making puppy paws. Many pups enjoy paws because they look cool, more dog-like, or serve a functional purpose like limiting dexterity (bondage) or padding to make crawling more comfortable. A lot of paws you can put on yourself, but some require assistance because they buckle or lock. If you use locks, remember - safety first.


One of the most common types of paws are those that wrap around your hand like gym wrist wraps, but cover your hand. This type still lets you use your fingers and thumbs. They are great for ...  Click here to read more on Support Pup Cooper’s blog.

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