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JetPack - Our Pup Family

What is JetPack?

Since our launch in 2022, JetPup Store has reached thousands of pups around the world offering a variety of products that help them get into their “pup-sona”. From the Americas to Europe and Australia, JetPup is loved and already well known among pups as we celebrate pups of all colors, ethnicities, sexual orientations, ages, and body types.

The impact of JetPup on the pup play community and the speed at which we have expanded is simply amazing and heartwarming!  JetPup is proud to support our community, and to further do so, we have shifted from being just a store, to being something greater and more valuable — a community. Along with our store that will ultimately evolve into an “Everything Pup Play Store”, we are proud to say that first and foremost JetPup is now a community -  a pack… or what we like to call JetPack!

This means that is not only a platform where one can shop, but a place where pups from around the world can connect with each other, read interesting interviews, catch up on international Pup community news, look for pup events, and access mental / physical health-related resources.

What does it mean to be part of our JetPack?

Being a JetPack member first and foremost means belonging to a community where all of us are there for each other! Being a JetPack member means sharing the same fundamental values that we at JetPup have carried since day one - love, compassion, inclusion, diversity, respect and support!  Being a JetPack member means being a proud pup (or handler). It means feeling safe and welcome knowing that others are here to help and support you - even if they are on the other side of the screen or world from you!

What are my obligations as a JetPack Member

All JetPack members are obligated to have fun and spread love! That’s it!

How to become a Jetpack member?

This question is very abstract. It’s the same as asking “how to become your friend?”…

Being a member of our family is all about your own involvement, how much you use this community for your own good and how much you contribute to it.

However, there are couple of steps on how to get the best out of what our community offers:

  1. Our main channel where all of us are going to be connecting, chatting, exploring and having fun is our Mighty mobile app. Yes - we will be in your phone as an app and you can access your own community from anywhere.
    Get JetPack Mighty App On this link:

  2. For some kinky and fun time, we have a telegram channel, where you can share some sexy pics and have some WOOF! time.
    Join JetPack Telegram Channel (18+ Only):

  3. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay on track of what's fun and happening around you.

  4. Follow @jetpup_store on Instagram and Twitter. Tag us on your social media posts, get featured and connect with more pups through us. Keep an eye out for fun contests and games on our Instagram page.


Can someone potentially be disqualified from being a JetPack member

Absolutely yes. JetPup will disqualify and block anyone (on all our channels) who spread any sort of hate, intolerance and disrespect towards our family members.

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