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Puppy Play 101: A Deep Dive Into Human-Puppy Collars

Worn around the neck like a bio dog, collars are a useful way to signal to others that you are a pup. It can also show others your name and whatever info you might want them to know.

History and Significance

Collars stem from dog play history. Treating someone like a dog was one way that people would engage in D/S (dominance/submission or discipline/service) elements of BDSM or kink play. Now many of us play independently or as peers for lots of other reasons.

Putting a collar on a submissive symbolizes control or ownership. It also served a very practical purpose giving the dominant an easy way to physically control a submissive.

Collars, or their shackle predecessors, have been used throughout human history as ways to enslave and control humans. This matters.

The experience of wearing or giving a collar can be positive, negative, or neutral. Depending on social location and context (who you are, skin color, ethnicity, personal history, gender, etc.), we may want to, or not, wear one.

It's important to respect others' choices to care for themselves and be mindful of the language we use and the way it may support or... Click here to read more on Support Pup Cooper’s blog.

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jayden on 2023,11,07

okayy so uhm i have a question, is pup play a kink/s3xual? because ive heard some people say its a kink and that its s3xual and stuff but ive heard others say that its not a kink or s3xual, but instead its a coping mechanism, so im kinda confused..