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Ghost Pup Dume talks about HOWL!

Hey Dume, tell us about your Pup-sona. How did you get into pupplay? What excites you the most about it?Arff. Ghost Pup Dume as a pup-sona is a love letter to all of the dark worlds of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror that I grew up with. Part of it was carrying on the identity of dogs of my past, and in the ghost like transparency I made for myself with a clear plastic pup hood. Dume, being the name of a favorite deep cut Star Wars character from Rebels. Pup play always found its way into the conversation when I was in kink spaces. I even had a kinky ex-boyfriend once give me a collar and tail, all little things to introduce me to this world. Once I was in LA and continued exploring kink myself, I began to find pups that I would see around and began to attend some of the local pup parties. For me, pup play introduced an exciting new world of self expression both in gear and in social body language that I hadn’t witnessed in kink before. There weren’t just kinksters in a crowd, but dogs giving each other head tilts and barks in passing. As a designer, it presented me with a new way to tell my story through my designs in the form of pup gear and color or material choices. Not to mention a solution to my constant problem of wearing pup hoods with glasses on.   How’s the Puppy play scene in Los Angeles?

Booming. In the past five years, the pup scene has really exploded here in LA and even since the pandemic even more so. There are now a variety of monthly and seasonal events, communities, and resources for pups here like never before. We have seen so many new pups come from this. It’s been amazing to see the pups that have been around since before this boom help to support and keep our communities evolving rather than gatekeep the scene. 

Tell us about HOWL. What is it? How often do you organize the event? Tell us about your team, sponsors, venue, etc…
HOWL is the kinky pup mosh that we hold every first Sunday of the month at the bar Precinct in DTLA from 3-9pm. Timo @Cybersexpuppy and I co-produce the event at our favorite gay bar in the downtown area. It has a full patio and dance floor, kitchen menu, and plenty of space to explore all the things we offer each month. We’ve been able to have a range of DJs, pup and pup-friendly dancers, kink demo providers, as well as a range of artists and vendors each month. We’ve been very fortunate to have the full support of the staff and the community in running this event. While Timo and I make a phenomenal team, we have a team of volunteers that truly make each party possible, and help to support their community in turn. We’ve been very grateful to have your support from Jet Pup in Sponsoring our mosh space as well, ensuring that the puppies that come to play have a good variety of safe teeth friendly toys.  

How did you come up with the idea?
The idea of a regular pup party at Precinct had been something I had been craving since I had been coming to precinct. We had one off kink events every so often and they always had such a great turn out of puppies. Jeremy Lucido and I met after LA PUP 2023’s closing party (BONE) and both wanted to make it happen, and once we landed on a time and structure as a kinky beer bust, we just had to name it . The name itself again came from the desire for something simple but dark, something kinky, something deeply queer. Howl was on both our short lists of names, not to mention referenced the well known poems by Allen Ginsberg. In what ways does HOWL contribute to the community? What feedbacks do you get from puppies? In planning the structure of Howl as a party, Timo and I, as two artists working in nightlife, wanted to create an environment that would give back cyclically to the community, to our queer family. We do this by providing the space and demos and mats to have safe kinky fun and explore something new to a lot of people. We bring in community resource organizations like the Tom of Finland Foundation and the Los Angeles LGBT Center, letting people know what local resources are right here in their own community. We invite bootblacks, local artists and makers, all to come and set up and provide their services to the pups that come out. We act as both a playground and meeting place for all kinds of folks, whether into pet play or not. We have also been able to support local organizations like Trans Lifeline, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and community members Travel funds through jello shot fundraising and auctions during the parties as well. We've had a lot of very sweet and positive messages from puppies after each party, and a steady show of people coming out to support, explore and have fun - which is really all we could ask for. What would you like to tell the pups who are interested in coming to HOWL?

-Anything you want to add?
The party is from 3-9pm every first Sunday of every month at Precinct in DTLA. If you want to find out more information, you can follow us @howldtla on instagram. 
You can always message us if you're new and need a face to identify in the space, we are here to support. There are plenty of friendly puppies, pets, and kinky folks that show up to hang out and explore with, so please don't be shy. This next party on May 7th is our Pet Gala, where we will have a runway competition for any pets looking to turn a look and win a prize!

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