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Puppy Play 101: Puppy Names Have Power; What’s Yours?

Puppy names can come from a variety of different places. Some get their name from their handler, owner, alpha or pack, and others name themselves. Whatever the source of the name, it is a good idea for a pup to like their own name, unless that dynamic isn't the way the relationship is structured.

How a Pup gets their name?

Naming can happen in a structured way, unstructured way, independently, and collaboratively. Here are some things to remember when trying to pick a name:

  • Pick a name you like for now - that’s all any of us can do. If we don’t like it, we can change it.
  • They aren’t permanent - even our human names, though not easy, can be changed.
  • Your name is your name. So you and those closest to you need to be the one(s) most happy with it!
  • If power exchange is part of your dynamic, then maybe it's your owner/handler's decision.

Your name is YOUR name

Just remember that these are all...  Click here to read the full article on Support Pup Cooper’s blog.


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